• Partnering to produce sustainable cocoa

  • Partnering to increase cocoa yields

  • Promoting Women Empowerment

  • Partnering to protect Ghana's forests

  • Partnering to Improve Cocoa Productivity

  • Working Together to Manage Our Natural Resources

  • Partnering to produce quality beans

The Partnership for Productivity Protection and Resilience in Cocoa Landscapes (3PRCL) project aims to achieve a deforestation-free cocoa landscape, support the development of a market for climate-smart cocoa beans , and develop and pilot a landscape-wide governance framework in the Juabeso-Bia landscape in the Western region of Ghana.

The expected outcome of the project is to catalyze investment from the private sector to preserve approximately 160,000 hectares of protected forest reserve and deliver socioeconomic benefits to an estimated 150,000 people by 2020.

Touton is leading a consortium of partners which includes state institutions, traditional authorities, NGOs and private sector actors to implement this project.

The project is the first pilot of the Ghana Cocoa and Forests Emission Reduction Programme and will contribute towards early action under the Cocoa and Forests Initiative, launched in London with support from HRH the Prince of Wales in 2017.

The project is notably supported by the Partnerships for Forests.

Juabeso - Bia Landscape



Juabeso and Bia West Districts

The project is currently being implemented in Bia West and Juabeso administrative Districts in the Western region of Ghana.

landarea  This is a high-value landscape with landmass covering 240,000 Ha

population Population: 120,000

cocoaCocoa Production: 60,000 MT (Juabeso : 12,000 MT, Bia West : 48,000 MT)

economic activity  77% in the areas of Cocoa production, Timber, Oil Palm and Gold mining (Majority engaged in agriculture)

forestarea 150,000 Ha (Bia National Park and Krokosua Forest Reserve)

Major cocoa companies operate in the landscape but not all are part of landscape scale efforts

Partnership for Productivity Protection & Resilience in Cocoa Landscapes - Adm