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These Bye-Laws shall apply within Sukusuku Torya Sub-Hotspot Intervention Area (hereinafter called Sukusuku Torya Sub-HIA) in the Bia West District (hereinafter called the Assembly) within the Juaboso-Bia Hotspot Intervention Area (hereinafter referred to JB HIA).

Part 1: Jurisdiction and Application of Bye-Laws

Establishment of Sukusuku Torya Sub-HIA

Juaboso-Bia landscape is designated as Hotspot Intervention Areas (HIA) based on predominance of cocoa production, area of forests under threat, and presence of major stakeholders. It adapts a well-established Community Resource Management Area (CREMA) model for purposes of inclusive landscape governance. The adapted model is structured into a three-tier governance structure to involve communities, cocoa farmers, landowners and traditional authorities who live within, and preside over the HIA.

  • The first tier which forms the basis of the HIA governance structure is made up of community governance structures representative of all identifiable or interest groups in each respective community. Same as or similar to Community Resource Management Committee (CRMC), this structure is built on existing community governance and decision-making structures and is tasked with the implementation or enforcement of HIA management decision within the respective communities.

  • The second tier is composed of grouping or clustering of CREMAs and/or non-CREMA communities into Sub-HIAs depending on number of communities within a defined geographical area i.e. fit within a well-defined parameter. This tier has representation from all communities within a grouping or cluster and serves as bridge between the first tier and the third tier.

  • The third tier have representation of all second-tier structures to form a HIA Management Board. This tier is recognised as the aggregated community representation of the entire HIA and is responsible for all HIA management decisions.

Under GCFRP, the JB HIA is demarcated into six Sub-HIAs with one being the Sukusuku Torya Sub-HIA. The Sukusuku Torya Sub-HIA is guided by a constitution, and is headed by an executive committee elected through free and fair elections, and with gender considerations that ensured representation of marginalised groups. As stakeholders (chiefs, queen mothers, assembly members, farmers, etc.) in constituent communities of this Sub-HIA, we have organised ourselves to collectively adopt climate smart cocoa production, sustainable natural resource management and conservation practices in our land use and livelihood activities. The aim is to establish a climate-smart cocoa sub-landscape with the intention to transform cocoa farming methods and landscape conservation measures for creating positive and sustainable environmental practices. It is envisaged that, encroachment into forest reserves will cease, and the off-reserve areas will retain significant patches of secondary forest, old forest fallows and relic cocoa agro-forests.

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