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NCRC Juaboso Sub HIA Constitution Final RA V3

Based on their desire to establish a climate-smart cocoa sub-landscape with the intention to transform their cocoa farming methods and landscape conservation measures for the purpose of creating positive and sustainable environmental practices as outlined in the Ghana Cocoa Forests REDD+ Programme (GCFRP) and Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI).

The Chiefs, Queen Mothers, farmers and people of the Juaboso Sub-HIA envisaged that through effective implementation of land-use planning processes and improved access to climate smart cocoa resources (extension services, inputs, technical training etc.) cocoa farms of the Sub-HIA will have greater capacity, a constitution was necessary. A constitution was therefore created with all parties inclusive to:

1. adapt to changes in rainfall patterns and increases in temperature.

2. significantly reduce encroachment (including poaching) into forest reserves and retain patches of secondary forest, old forest fallows and relic cocoa agro-forests.

They, therefore, constituted themselves into the Juaboso Sub-Hotspot Intervention Area (HIA), which is a Sub-HIA within the overarching Juaboso-Bia Hotspot Intervention Area (Juaboso-Bia HIA), to ensure effective and sustainable management of their landscape.

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