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NCRC HIA Training Manual Nov 2020 Final 1

What is the Purpose of this Manual?

This manual is designed to help guide the establishment and operation of Hotspot Intervention Areas (HIAs), target landscapes which have been prioritized for the implementation of activities, at a landscape scale, to reduce deforestation and foster climate-smart cocoa production, so as to improve cocoa livelihoods and support community-based governance and management of Ghana’s forest and agricultural resources.

The manual has been drafted as a continuation of the initial HIA Manual—Training Manual for Community Leaders on Sub-HIA Formation and Governance (NCRC, 2019). The first manual provided a detailed description of REDD+ and the reasons for developing HIAs, as well as an overview of the CREMA, Sub-HIA and HIA governance structures, and the main steps in the Sub- HIA development process. This manual begins where the first manual left off by reviewing the full development process, and then describing the highest level HIA bodies, key steps in their formation, and the roles and responsibilities of HIA leaders.

Who is The Manual Targeting?

This manual is designed to serve community leaders, community governance trainers, and HIA partners who will play key roles in the development of HIAs. It can also serve as a reference document for CREMA, Sub-HIA and HIA executives and staff, or as reference for community- based conservation and sustainable production leaders and stakeholders who are interested in initiating similar processes in other countries or for different commodity production landscapes.

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