FINAL 201808-Hand-Out Climate Smart Cocoa_Progress Report

An unprecedented momentum

The past 3 to 4 years have seen significant developments in terms of the enabling environment to support the production of climate smart agriculture products

In 2014 world leaders endorsed a global timeline to cut natural forest loss in half by 2020, and to strive to end it by 2030 through the New York Declaration on Forests. At the time the world’s largest cocoa producing countries, as well as major brands such as Mondelez, voiced their intention to integrate NY Declaration commitments into their national and global strategies.

Cocoa and Forest initiatives – In March 2017, 12 leading cocoa & chocolate industry companies – including Touton - gathered under the auspices of Prince Charles’ ISU to announce the first collective industry commitment to specifically end deforestation and forest degradation covering the global cocoa supply chain. In a matter of weeks the list of signatory companies had grown to include 33 companies, a strong indication of the sector-wide interest to support efforts to produce deforestation-free cocoa.


Since, big brands have integrated deforestation and cocoa as part of their strategic commitment towards more sustainable supply chains, with an increasing focus to aim for deforestation-free supply-chains, notably in respect to cocoa. One recent example is Mondelez’s announcement on the adaptation of their CocoaLife programme to better articulate their climate-change mitigation strategy.

At the same time, development agencies and donors alike are increasingly supporting and facilitating the uptake of Climate Smart Agriculture by the private sector by providing expertise and funding to concrete projects. Good examples of the potential for climate friendly products can be found in portals like Canopy Bridge, Landscapes.Org, Rainforest Alliance and others.

Finally, certifying bodies Rain Forest Alliance and UTZ has merged their activities. The new organization, that has retain the name Rainforest Alliance, will tackle environmental and social issues in supply-chains, focusing on climate change, deforestation, poverty and unsustainable farming.

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