Sustainability Pathway

Sustainability Pathway

The Partnership for Productivity, Protection and Resilience in Cocoa Landscapes (3PRCL) Project which is a public-private partnership consisting of Touton SA, Ghana Forestry Commission, Ghana COCOBOD, SNV Dutch Development Cooperation, Nature Conservation Research Centre (NCRC), Agro-Eco and co-funded by P4F (Partnership for Forests) is the first pilot of the Ghana Cocoa Forest REDD+ Programme implementation. The goals of the Project are to increase cocoa productivity through the institution and implementation of a climate smart cocoa production standard; forest conservation (including deforestation monitoring) and the setting up of a landscape governance structure. To sustain and measure these goals, three indicators are being developed, namely: Deforestation-free Compliance Maps; Landscape Performance Report; and Effective Landscape Governance System and Safeguard Report.

3PRCL Sustainability Pathway

The key actors sustaining this project are the Compact, the Landscape HIA Board and the Joint Coordination Committee. The Compact comprises both private and public stakeholders and machinery within the cocoa sector. The Landscape HIA Board comprises the hierarchy of community-based governance structure (Community/farmers, CREMA Executive Committee and the Sub-HIA). The Joint Coordination Committee are government agencies mandated to oversee the forestry and cocoa sector, such as the Forestry Commission and the COCOBOD.

All three actors established a Special Purpose Vehicle for pooling resources to fund the implementation of forestry and cocoa activities by the Joint Coordination Committee within the landscape. The Compact and the Landscape HIA Board have signed a Framework Agreement conferring ownership of the project on the landscape, detailing the forestry and cocoa activities to be implemented within the landscape, stating roles of all three actors and stipulating the management of the SPV.

The implementation of the Framework, in relation to the 3PRCL project, will be measured periodically through the three indicators (Deforestation-free Compliance Maps; Landscape Performance Report; and Effective Landscape Governance System and Safeguard Report). With these indicators in place, progress can be measured when the project ends. A Positive outcome can then serve as basis for replication in other landscapes.

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